This is for anyone who loves loves loves animal prints. This is a mix and match of two different animal prints and spot of colors. The scarf is very easy to combine with different outfits. Crafted from 100% bamboo, the scarf is super soft on the skin. Bamboo has so many good features, on top of being very sustainable. It is breathable and cuts 97% of UV rays. It needs only rainwater to grow and never needs pesticides. Also it performs as a material in all temperatures- it's cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. Fall in love with it...

140 x 140 cm

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TAIKKA is a women’s handbag and scarf label. The TAIKKA DNA is minimalist Nordic with a touch of Aussie beach breeze- fun but simple, playful yet functional. Collections are small and focused more and more on sustainability. Bags use fabrics created from pineapple waste and scarves are made from bamboo. All pieces are designed for everyday life - allowing women to be streetsmart, ecological and stylish at the same time.